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Thanks For Tuning In!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on February 23rd, 2011


I just want to say THANK YOU to all of my friends, family, and fans who tuned in to watch me on N.C.I.S last night! I can’t believe how many sweet texts, facebook comments, messages & tweets I got after the show aired! Thank you, you guys are awesome. :)

(Look! It’s the back of my head!)

Photo: Patrick Wymore/CBS

I’ve been really busy the past few days;  rehearsing for the Rock &Roll Freedom Show tonight (more on that later), table read #2 for a new musical I’ve been a part of, preparing for auditions, all while doing a massive spring cleaning around the house… I’ve been running around like crazy!! In fact, as of the time of this post I still haven’t had a second to watch the episode myself!

I came across this clip posted by a fan of the show, and it just so happens to be my scene! Sweet.  So, in case you missed it….

NOW, on to TONIGHT!! Tonight I have the privilege of performing with a very talented artist name Shaley Tuin at The Key Club on the Sunset Strip. It’s part of the Rock & Roll Freedom Show, and it should be a really good time! Her back up band consists of The Cold Chills stars: Rob Gaudet on drums and Ferrari Watts slappin’ da bass, as well as Kris Moser on guitar and lil ‘ol me sanging some background vox. Come on out tonight, LA folks! I want to see you there! Click Here info:

“Someone Like You”

Posted By Ava Gaudet on February 16th, 2011


…maybe it’s all the rain we’ve been getting here in L.A. that’s making me feel a little melancholy, but I can’t stop listening to this song!!

It’s just so well written and beautiful…

I loved Adele’s first album, and by the sound of this song, I think her next album is going to be even better….Can you believe she’s only 21 years old!? In my opinion, this is a real artist if I ever heard one…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on February 14th, 2011


...I hope wherever you are today

you feel the love in the air……

Leopard Faux in Tow…

Posted By Ava Gaudet on February 2nd, 2011


This morning I had a photo shoot with my girl Kelle to get some more headshots taken… although I absolutely LOVE shooting with Kelle, there’s something about taking headshots that is just so…bleh.

There’s always so much pressure to get a good one, so many people judging them… and they don’t let you wear fake leopard fur in them. Or big necklaces with feathers. Casting directors would think you were a weirdo if you did that… it’s more like, “here’s me in this colored tank top. Here’s me in a different colored tank top.” Snore.

But… such is the biz. I get why headshots have to be that way. Whadayagonnado.

So, when I came home with a face full of makeup at 11:30 a.m. I decided to go on and wear my fave furry bolero and feathery necklace… and take some pics where I don’t have to look at the camera and I can cover my face with sunglasses. fun! :)

What I’m wearing today:

Leopard Print Bolero

Tribal Necklace; F21

Thrifted Silk Blouse

Black Jeans; F21

Beige Platform Pumps; Santee Alley


Le Poissons

Posted By Ava Gaudet on February 1st, 2011


I knew it would only be a matter of time before my obsession with collective fashion websites like LOOKBOOK, Chictopia, and Weardrobe would take me over…

and so it begins…. I got dressed today, took a picture of myself, then posted it all over the interweb.

It’s all over folks.

I tested the waters a while back by posting some old shots of my a*voyce designs, but that doesn’t really count when “What are you wearing today?” is really the question at hand….and how did today inspire you….

Today I was inspired by this vintage fish necklace that has been kicking around my jewelry drawer for years, it’s just so unique. ….also the segments clink around and jingle when I walk… so that’s fun. And for some reason the turban headband, cat eyes, and red lips made me feel about as French as my last name…. OUI OUI !!!

What I’m wearing today:

DIY turban-style headband (it literally took 5 minutes to make! check it)

Thrifted Black Shell Top

Vintage Segmented Fish Necklace

Old-Ass ripped jeans : Urban Outfitters

Black Platform Pumps c/o Santee Alley