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Play TAG

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 26th, 2010


There have been some very exciting moments in the process of developing a*voyce clothing, but I got downright GIDDY  the day that I received my

a*voyce hang tags!!!

This awesome moment was brought to me by my amazingly sweet and talented friend Mayumi Ando. We were dressing room roommates when we were in RENT, and now we’ve both ventured out into other creative things…. Mayumi is a super talented graphic designer, and she offered to design my hangtag for me, and I seriously couldn’t be more thankful!! Look at how great they look!

Mayumi is the best.

and I LOVE my tags.

Check out Mayumi’s other work : www.truebow.com

a*voyce clothing

A*Voyce goes to CERIA

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 26th, 2010


Last week I brought my entire A*Voyce collection to the coolest new apparel store in Ventura called CERIA, the ONLY store that is currently carrying my clothing!

In a way, It was all because of CERIA that I created the line in the first place! My friend Wil Corpus is the co-owner of CERIA, and when he was in the process of opening the store we discussed the possibility of maybe selling some of my designs there…. A few months later, HERE WE ARE!

A*Voyce was born and now the line is available for sale EXCLUSIVELY at CERIA!

It was a really  huge for me to finally bring the clothes to the store… after all the hard work it was SO exciting to see my clothes hanging on the rack, in a for-real super- hip clothing store,  with for-real price tags and everything!

I really have to thank Wil for all the support, and I REALLY hope the clothes do well at his place!


(me trying on the blue version of the strapless ruffle dress! Go try it on, its at the store!)

SO…. If you wanna go check out  the entire A*Voyce collection

AND Check out some great rare finds,

go to

CERIA on Main

324 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003
(805) 667-8501

11am-8pm Monday-Saturday
11am-5pm Sundays

Right across the street from Urban Outfitters

First & Hope Cabaret VIDEO

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 18th, 2010


I finally have the video from the cabaret I did last week…. here it is!

It was so cool to be a part of this new cabaret series… Mark Shunock has done an AMAZING job putting together some really  fantastic shows at this gorgeous venue! The whole Supper-Club vibe of the “Fedora Room” was the inspiration for my  song choice and attire!

(Dress, by the way, is an A*Voyce original and available to order on my WEBSITE :)  )

A few of my friends showed up for support, and we all had a really great time. I’ll definitely let you know if I do another “Session Series” at First & Hope again in the future! You guys should definitely come check it out!

Fashion Friday: BIG NEWS – ORDER NOW!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 16th, 2010



I’m SO happy to announce that the entire A*Voyce Clothing collection is now available to view and ORDER on the website!!!


**Please read the ORDER page carefully, there are instructions and a lot of info about the unique ordering process that I’m offering.**

I am SO excited that this is finally up and running, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!



BIG Thank You’s to all the people who made this possible!!!

Kelle Deeter Photography, for shooting the Look Book,

Mischa Pfister, for shooting my catalogue,

Mayumi Ando for designing my AMAZING hang tags!! (more on that soon!!!)

All my focus group girls; Marie Westbrook, Lucy Graves, Allison, Anosha, Amber, and Jen

My awesome Husband, Rob, for being super supportive :)

and The LA Fashion District, for the amazing resources!!

OK…. Get your order on!


The Bar

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 8th, 2010

So… I came across this poem (if that’s what you call it) I wrote a while back, and decided to post it. This one was kind of a hit with my circle of friends who can relate to the topic. :)
I don’t know…. maybe I’ll post more poetry from now on?


Slipping into the tiny outfit of

Skin clinging black

My integrity gets stuffed into a bag

to be in purgatory until after clock out

Another night, 8 more hours, another hundred bucks

Biting my tongue, chewing your pompous questions, digesting what’s left of my pride.

I don’t want to talk about where I’m from, the weather, why I’m here

I wouldn’t want to mislead you into thinking I see anything other than

my rent, my cell phone bill, my groceries… when I look into your eyes

My shallow smile, thank you’s of sweet syrup, empty promises to remember anything you just said…

Don’t get it twisted,

that soggy dollar bill you strained to leave me

is the only reason I’m here.

Some nights are better than others

On bad nights I’m deafened by you passively screaming:

To serve you is to be beneath you.

Your self-importance swells every time you realize

my fate lies in that little dotted line

What a playground for the patronizing.

So you smugly sip your mojito and leave me nothing….just because you can…

and I daydream about going to your job to force you to work for free.

On good nights I soothe myself with the comforting certainty:

I’m of superior intelligence. and talent.

And you think it sucks to be me?

But only the brawn of the jaded can muscle enough strength to rise above.

I still care too much to ignore.

Another night, 8 hours gone, another hundred bucks.

Step back into myself

at least until the same time tomorrow….

Cabaret Performance THIS Saturday

Posted By Ava Gaudet on July 8th, 2010


This saturday I’ll be making my first appearance at a new cabaret series here in LA at a super-hot venue, The Fedora Room at First & Hope. There is a great line-up of singers AND there’s NO COVER, NO MINIMUM, and there’s PARKING! WHAT!? You guys should definitely check it out! Take note though, There are 2 shows that night and I will be doing the first show ONLY (7:30)!! I would LOVE to see you there!




Session II. First & Hope’s monthly cabaret series continues after a standing room only opener last month. July 10 has an amazing lineup of talent and promises to be a very special night not to be missed.

2 Shows….8 & 10pm
(Doors 7:30 & 9:45pm)

Appearances by…
Rebecca johnson, Mat Rocheleau, Katrina Lenk, Eric B Anthony, Carie Millard, Mercedes Dauphinais, Matt Zarley, Cheryl Daro, Justin Mortelliti, Dan Domenech, Rodrick Covington, Wendy Ho, Ava Gaudet, and Julie Garnye.

Hosted by Mark Shunock with Ron Snyder on Piano, Oliver Steinberg on Bass, and Emiliano Almeda on Drums.

Reservations strongly encouraged. Only 65 each show!

We will sell out. Don’t wait to experience LA’s hottest new room.