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Music from the Vault

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 29th, 2010


Yesterday, Rob and I came across a CD of unreleased “AVA” songs that we worked on together about 8 years ago!! Time to open the vault….

A while back, I was working on a 10 song album with Rob and the rest of my band, and although all the music we were working on was good, it was a very transitional time in the “AvA” project, and in the end it never got released.  I had just graduated Berklee College of Music, the band was breaking up and I was going off in a different direction, you know the story…. so we moved on…

Fast forward A LOT of years, to yesterday, when we played the cd and went on a serious trip back in time! I hadn’t heard these songs in SO long I actually forgot a lot of them!

It was so cool to hear these songs after so many years… not too many people ever got to hear this stuff way back when, SO I decided to resurrect a few of those old songs now!

(I took these old pics out of the vault too!)


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There you go. Vintage AVA.

Fashion Friday pt.5 -Project Runway Finale

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 23rd, 2010


Last night was the finale of Project Runway… the end of a really great season, and definitely a tough decision for the judges…

So let’s go back to the Finale Part 1 that aired last week…I wasn’t surprised by the final three designers who were chosen to show at Fashion Week, they had all been really strong throughout the entire season. Although I was never really a fan of Mila’s aesthetic, I wasn’t surprised she was chosen over Jay to show…. It seems like Heidi is a big fan, and she did win a few challenges during the season (which I never really understood??) Maybe Jay’s collection was a little over-designed, but in my opinion it was much more innovative and current. I was more impressed with the pieces he was showing Tim in his workroom than I was with what he sent down the runway, and in the end it was Mila that got to show her blah blah black and white at Fashion Week.

Mila is definitely has a strong point of view, and her clothes are all really well made, but it just isn’t my thing… I don’t know, all the boxy shapes, the retro-inspired silhouettes, bulky jackets and all that black and white… I respect her as a designer, but there was nothing in her collection I was dying to wear.. this graphic t-shirt was the exception, I was my favorite piece:

Then there is Emilio…. I have to admit that throughout the season he made some really INCREDIBLE pieces! I was so impressed with the full-length dress he made for the NYC Neighborhood challenge, and the Textile challenge look was really hott. But his ego was such a big, gigantic turn off! Ok, dude, you won some challenges, you’re a good designer, WE GET IT! Geez.

His final collection had me a little underwhelmed. I agree that it was the most commercial and ready-to-wear, it was impeccably tailored, and had some stand-out pieces (this gown is GORGEOUS)

But I wasn’t sold on that pea-green coat, or the fact that the colors and shapes in his show were SO derivative of the 1990′s and then he calls his collection “Color Me Bad” HA! Really?

And then there is our winner…. SETH AARON!

I am really happy the Seth Aaron was the winner. The man is a clothing-making MACHINE, I mean, the guy’s a monster! Did you notice how quickly and efficiently he worked all season long? Other designers used all there time and money to make… a dress. Seth Aaron would make pants, a jacket with tons of details, a tailored shirt, a tie, a hat… and be finished before everyone! And lets not over look that they were only required to make 10 looks for the runway show and he made 24!! Amazing. Also, he seems like a really cool guy, and with all the egos and attitudes flying around, it just made me root for him.

I was actually sold on him during the first part of the finale when Tim came by his workroom. Did you see that amazing leather jacket with the zippers?? I want one! He makes me want to see the other 14 looks we didnt get to see go down the runway!

I liked that his show was a little over the top and had some drama… I don’t think I would wear every piece he made, but he was creative, had a unique point-of-view and the construction was unbelievable!

Congrats, Seth AAron!

This marks the end to another great season of PR… can’t wait until next year! :)

Fashion Friday Pt.4 – Welcome to “The Sweatshop”

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 16th, 2010


I would like to take you inside the place I’ve been spending a LOT of time lately…

Welcome to….

“The Sweatshop”

This is the place that I lovingly refer to as my “Sweatshop”. My own little design-studio-office-room-sewing-place where I get to flesh out all those ideas I have floating around in my head. I wont lie, I’m self taught when it comes to sewing and designing, so there is a lot of trail-and-error happening in here… but whatevs. I got the space, and I got the time, so…. slowly but surely I’m growing as a designer and having SO much fun in the process!

Having a designated room to put my sewing machines, dress form, fabric and supplies was pretty much the reason why I started making clothes in the first place! I ALWAYS wanted to make my own clothes, but it’s hard to have a sewing machine set up in a tiny ass apartment in Manhattan…we didn’t even have a TABLE nevermind an area that I could take over for a hobby like this! I got my first sewing machine when I moved to LA, but the passion has been there as long as I can remember. I made designer duds for all my barbies and hello kitty doll, I even started making clothes for myself in the sixth grade! Many of those early designs involved puff paint and sweatsuits, but STILL! They were cute, and I was VERY proud of them!

When I first started making clothes a few years ago, I really had the intention to just keeping it as a hobby and only make clothes for myself. I just wanted to have some fun and be creative… well, I started to change my tune a little when a bunch of my girlfriends said how much they liked my stuff, and would actually be into BUYING them! So now I’m going to test the waters buy making some things to SELL, and see what happens….

(this is where I keep my pins….)

I have been working really hard on making some things to sell at CERIA in Ventura. As I posted before, this will be the first retail store that I will be putting my designs for sale, and I’m really trying to step up my game and do my best!!

I’ll talk more about that when we get closer to the finish line… until then, I’m going to put on some music and get back to work!


Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 15th, 2010


Last night the final episode of UGLY BETTY aired, and I have to say, I’m sad to see it go!

Obviously, I have a personal connection with this… I had the honor of portraying the lovable super-skank “Gina Gambarro” for a few episodes early in the show’s life. Clearly, Gina moved out of the neighborhood (and off the show) a couple of seasons ago, so I’m not trying to claim any real ownership in what was so great about BETTY, but the show did mean a lot to me as an actor and a viewer!

I remember shooting the pilot episode on location in Queens and feeling the buzz of excitement surrounding the show… we were sitting in a tent watching the monitor, and I remember Silvio Horta (the show’s creator) and one of the producers watching a close shot of America Ferrera’s face , they just shook their heads in amazement … “People are going to fall in love with her…” and they were right!!

There are a lot of people talking about why UGLY BETTY was important to television ( here’s one article that I really liked…)

Why UGLY BETTY Mattered

In a time when reality TV and cookie-cutter procedurals were taking over television, BETTY  came on the scene and was a breath of fresh air. Colorful, a little crazy, and totally heartfelt… how could you NOT fall in love with Betty? I always thought she was an inspiration… a smart, ambitious Latina woman who was prettier on the inside than she was on the outside, overcoming resistance and challenge until she became the confident, accomplished professional she was at the end of the show, all the while staying true to herself! Beautiful!! And I don’t think the importance of Justin’s coming-out should be underestimated, either. There are gay teens all across the country who choose to deny who they are while they are in high school because it’s easier for the people around them, their parents, friends and family, to accept. But I’m sure it’s not easy on THEM to feel like it’s not ok to be who they are… Showing Justin’s experience on national prime-time television is one HUGE step forward in promoting tolerance to what homosexual teens go through. Showing Justin have a boyfriend, kiss him, dance with him, and how his family completely accepts and loves him was really great to see!! Thank you, UGLY BETTY for putting that on TV and showing everyone its OK!!

yea, maybe the  story lines got a little over the top at times, but the cast was amazing, it was fun and heartfelt, and I still agree that people will look back on this show as a unique and significant part of TV history… I loved being able to work on this show, the cast was truly wonderful, and I feel honored to have been a part of it.

Bye Bye BETTY!!!! You will be missed!

(check out my Gina page for more pics and videos)

Remembering Hunter…

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 11th, 2010


Yesterday was a very powerful day that I was honored to be a part of….

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my friend Wendy asking if I would help her out by singing at a memorial service she was helping to organize for some friends of hers. She went on to tell me the heartbreaking story of her good friends Lenore and Zen and their beautiful and brave 3 1/2 year-old son, Hunter, who had lost his long and painful battle with leukemia about a month ago. The memorial service was to be a celebration of his life, a gathering of friends and family who want to show their love and support and remember Hunter…

Of course, I said yes without hesitating.

I think it’s almost impossible not to feel moved and saddened by a story like this, but at first I didn’t know much about them other than what Wendy had told me. I had never met Lenore or Zen, and did not have the pleasure of knowing Hunter. So I went to the blog they had created during Hunter’s battle, HeaingHunter.com, to learn more about them.

The website was created as a place for support during his fight, for words of encouragement where people could help to rally with prayers and hope, and donate money to help the fight continue…. but of course, by the time I got to the blog, the fight was over. Suddenly I was immersed in the unbelievable sadness of what this family had experienced…

There were pictures of little Hunter from all stages of his life, and disease…. the times where he fought for his life, as well as the times of remission. The words of heartbroken parents trying to express the magnitude of Hunter’s fate… this little boy had endured 4 rounds of chemo-therepy and every amount of extreme measures they could possibly take to save him. But as hard as “Iron Hunter” fought, I was now reading about “The Death of a Superhero” and how these loving, incredible parents now had to deal with it all being over. I honestly can’t verbalize it in a way that’s appropriate… I was crushed, and I didn’t even know them. I didn’t have to go through the 2 years of ups and downs, hope and pain… I spent only a few minutes inside a window of their lives, and it was almost too much for me to bear…

I had asked my songwriting partner, and good friend Lucy Graves to accompany me for the performance, and she too felt suddenly immersed in the sadness of what they went through… as I said, it’s nearly impossible not to be moved by their story and the incredible strength of this family.

They had requested “Woman’s Work” and “In the Arms of an Angel” to be sung at the memorial, in-between eulogies from friends and family… It was a beautiful event, but also overwhelming at times. Pictures of Hunter were placed all around the home, and home videos played on tvs. There were a lot of people crying ad grieving for the loss, but also some smiling at stories and good memories.

The memorial was powerful, and I felt truly honored to have been a part of it. I really hope that Lucy and I were able to add something special to an already special occasion, and that the celebration was everything they hoped it would be.

“Hunter spread his love and joy far and wide and it was well received by many. And for that, we are forever grateful he was here for all of us to cherish.”

One of the most inspiring parts of the story… Lenore and Zen are pregnant and will be blessed with another child this summer. No one is more deserving.

Fashion Friday pt.3

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 9th, 2010


Sometimes in fashion, it’s good to know what NOT to do. It’s very important actually. Now, of course there will always be the subtle differences of taste that would make one person like something and another person not… but that’s not what I’m talking about here. What I’m talking about are these big, HUGE, how-could-you- POSSIBLY-leave-your-house-like-that mistakes that should really be EASY to avoid! Yet, somehow people keep doing it…

Fashion Friday pt.2

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 2nd, 2010


I’m noticing a lot of 1980′s LuV being shown in new accessories….

As some of you know, my friend Wil is opening an apparel store in Ventura and since I will soon be selling some of my clothes there he asked me to get involved a little and help him go through the women’s clothing and jewelry lines to give him some advice on what pieces I think would work in his store. As I was going through the jewelry lines they want to carry (Han Cholo, Alex & Chloe) I noticed that there are some serious throw-back, 80′s inspired pieces making a comeback… What do you think of these??


Looking like he jumped out of an ATARI game…

if the TRANSFORMERS made necklaces…

Remember this?

CERIA Grand Opening Event!!!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on April 1st, 2010


Tomorrow night the apparel store CERIA will be having it’s grand opening event!! The night will be SICK; in store appearances by B.O.B, OHNO, REY FRESCO, MIKE POSNER, and DJ’s ALL NIGHT!!  My friend Wil is one of the owners and I know first hand that this place is going to be DOPE! CERIA is a concept shop that specializes in streetwear, high end sneakers, and rare finds “for men & women who primarily seek out the illest hard to find product that pertains to their particular lifestyle.” Check out the description below for more info on the store, and go to their  website!!!

Tomorrow will be a special night for me too, because in a few months (maybe less) a special line of my clothing designs will be sold exclusively at CERIA!! This will be the first time my designs will be sold in a retail setting, and I’m really excited! I’m working hard on developing the pieces that will be sold there and will let you know more about that very soon! In the meantime check out the info on the store, and come down to the opening night event!!

“Carnicerias are known throughout the west coast, particularly in the Latino community as a market to get anything you need in a setting that is fun, makes you feel at home or simply dubbed “your neighborhood specialty store.” Carnicerias serve as being your inside source for goods you can’t find in typical grocery stores making the roots of the culture more accessible. We intend on operating by these same standards bringing you limited edition, one-of-a-kind footwear and men’s & women’s clothing. We intend on bringing you brands not typically found in any apparel shop obliging to the same reasons why carnicerias were formed. At Ceria, you’ll be able to learn about the roots of a brand you purchase and be surrounded by the music and art that fuels it’s creativity. Your favorite brands are not just sold, but showcased in our unique setting, store layout and display cases.

Ceria feels like that familiar place most people recognize to be their local carniceria only to find a much more unique experience. We’ve ensured that our space brings you that Carniceria feel. We know Ceria will just be a shop to our regular customers, but we will provide unfamiliar customers with an experience of that all but familiar feel of “your neighborhood specialty store….the carniceria.”

Ceria is located in historic downtown Ventura, CA just blocks away from The Ventura Beaches. We are right across the street from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. Stay up to date with our blog for event happenings and exclusive offers.”

Check out the Website for more Info: WWW.SHOPCERIA.COM