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Miranda Sings…..Better than KESHA!!!!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 31st, 2010


OK, so for those of you that know me, you know that I have real BIG problems with Kesha. I pretty much believe she’s the downfall of the music industry… but whatevs…. So I found this video, and I’m so impressed with this little starlet, Miranda! I’ve been a fan of Miranda’s for a while now, and this video proves what a talent she really is… this is how the song “Tik Tok” should really be sung!!!!

Not My Chair, Not My Problem!

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 25th, 2010


So, this video has been around for like, three years, but I just saw it or the first time last night and  OMG I watched it fifteen times and was crying from laughter!!

If you’ve seen it before, I think it’s time you watched it again! If you haven’t seen this piece of genius before, here’s the backstory…. As legend has it, some dude from Long Island was tripping like crazy and his buddy decided to record him babbling, THEN his unbelievably awesome soliloquy got animated with this lizard guy.. this is a MUST SEE! Remember kids, Drugs are BAD!

Fashion Friday pt.1

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 19th, 2010


I came across this website the other day and now I’m obsessed! To any person who gets inspired by other people’s unique and creative personal style, this website is for you! You can check out one fashionistas entire array of looks, OR if you want to see only looks that involve, lets say, blazers, you can do that too. These girls (and guys) have a lot to say with their sense of style, and its totally inspiring!

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce Video – “Telephone”

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 13th, 2010

Everyone’s talking about the new Lady Gaga video ft. Beyonce…. I think the video is pretty cool, but my favorite part is that my good friend
Jai Rodriguez has an cameo playing the reporter!! What do you think of it???

More Content Added…

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 9th, 2010

After only a few days, this site went from a skeleton of a blog, to a website that actually has stuff on it! Of course it’s still in the works, but slowly but surely the pages are getting built up… Check out the ACTING page for pictures, videos, and info on some of my past work, and the FASHION page for a gallery of my clothing designs…. More to come!!

There’s a *NEW* AvaGaudet.com In the Works…

Posted By Ava Gaudet on March 6th, 2010


As you can very plainly see, the old AvaGaudet.com is NO MORE… there is a new  (and believe it or not,  improved) website in the works, and although it may seem miles away by looking at the site as it is right now, there are BIG plans for the new site!

It all started about  4 years ago… back in a time where the old AvaGaudet.com was up, running, and going great. We had news, press, music, a beautiful photo gallery, videos, my own store, a community forum, even AVA GAUDET wallpapers! All was great in the world. Then things came to a screeching halt. I wanted to make a few up-dates, upload new pictures, change up some videos, give the site a facelift… so I emailed my web admistrator/designer, our usual way of getting in touch with each other, to have her make the changes….. nothing. Hmmm, that’s weird. Maybe she didn’t get my email?  So, I emailed again…. and again… nothing. (repeat this scenario, 3 or 4 hundred times) I called, emailed, found contact information for the company she worked for and emailed them in hopes of getting in touch with her…. and again… nothing.

There was very little I could do to keep my beautiful website updated and current. Soon, it turned into a weird relic of a past life. A LOT of time went by before I made the decision to say good-bye to my gorgeous, yet completely outdated, website in order to do something a little more…. personal.

So here I am. I’m about two days into trying to become a wordpress genius, and this little attempt at a website is what I got so far. Now, you may be thinking, “can’t you just hire someone who’s good at this to do it for you”? The answer to that question of course, is YES… but I don’t want to.

I want to do this on my own. I want to be more hands-on. I want to have COMPLETE control over how I’m being represented on the ‘ol interweb. No more relying on anyone else to control my web presence…I’m going to do this myself.

I have some great ideas for what I want for the new site…. And as soon as I figure out how to do it, there will be some fun new stuff to check out here! I’m excited. This is just the start!


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